Friday, June 07, 2013

Carol "Bunny" Burkett

a mini dress and go go boots.. so I guess Jungle Pam wasn't the only go go boot wearer in drag racing!

I must have found this photo on a site I was just looking at, but I don't know which one. Gentlemint? Gentleman racer? I'm not sure

But Carol got into drag racing young, at age 15 at the wheel of her boyfriends 55 Mercury... and she had her  own car at age 19, a 64 Mustang. Racing seems to have been quickly a overly expensive hobby, and Carol went to work for big tips at the Playboy Club, and then returned to drag racing with a nickname... Bunny.

She kept racing for decades, and in 1986 won the IHRA championship in alochol funny cars!

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  1. I've met, and seen Carol race numerous times......super nice!!!

    Dig the Jere Stahl front runners. I don't remember those at all. Jere owned Stahl Headers out of PA and raced Mopars for years.