Monday, December 11, 2017

1973 Superbird (Australian XA Falcon) gets a new life from the son who went with his dad to buy it... and 40 years later, began a complete restoration in 2013

It's a long first part, where there is a lot of slow reading, and nothing is shown of the repairs, so, I recommend skipping ahead to 3:35

Don't let them die, breath some life into them, or sell them

In 1920, Anzani built this "bike with backup engine",BMA ( Bicyclette à Moteur Auxiliaire ) The 75 cc 4 stroke engine added about 70 to 75 Km with a quart of gas

Burt in '62

2' of fresh pow pow (how they talk about snow in the San Diego surf and snow report), 4BT Cummins, 1925 Tow Truck.

the video on Facebook was in high def, the You Tube version isn't.

you just look at this and realize, some people love old cars one hell of a lot more than most, as few people would drive a topless car without a heater on a snowy night...

and I just realized I don't have a tag for "no damn way"

OMG, time to get those xmas cards in the mail!

it doesn't get any cooler than this

Bear's Sugar Shack Pancake and Go, Shinjuku station, Japan

just admiring the food cart, the way it's made, and that they are pancakes and REAL Canadian maple syrup, not that Aunt Jemima garbage. 

there is no doubt that truck was at the parts store for more than car wash and wiper fluid

Today's WTF: “custom” audio installs of 15’s in planters.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Coffee and donuts video of the morning, how manufacturing line workers are at the verge of getting exoskeletons to lower fatigue and increase stamina, and make work easier and less likely to cause repetitive strain injuries

‘the Far Side’ cartoons were made by Gary Larson, and they covered everything a joke could ever be made of

the oldest known model D just sold for $185,000

This tractor, Sn. 30404, was the 4th built and is the oldest example known to exist. I

The tractor has been in the long time collection of Ted Spoelstra of Forks, Washington. He had searched this tractor out several decades ago and performed a detailed restoration to preserve it’s historical importance.

you don't have to be good, as long as you're often lucky.... Jordi Salinas I Oscar Barrera. Peugeot 208, rally in Spain 2000

and the above happens at the 2 minute mark in the below video, but the cameras are in front of it recording the car coming toward the camera instead

this cool food van is working it's butt off in Old San Juan Puerto Rico, where it was in the 90s today

Thanks Mike!

Italian pastry chef Matteo Stucchi ( idolcidigulliver ) is fantastic, these are just the few he's made with construction vehicles

video of the wildfires in Bel Air, on the 405, by the Getty Center (which has about a billion dollars of old world art from the masters - Michelangelo, DaVinci, Monet, Manet, etc) which escaped any damage

skip the 1st minute

and if you're worried about people in Southern California, from Ventura south to San Diego... like me, send beer, and pizza. With enough beer and pizza we can survive anything and put out fires either with the beer, or after we drink the beer. We're tough like that

this next video tries to explain, but isn't very informational. For example, what are Santa Ana winds? Hot air from the deserts east of California, from Nevada and Arizona, have NO moisture in the wind, and it's hot air, so... imagine a big blow dryer aimed at a fire, now turn up the speed on the blow dryer to 60 miles an hour, and imagine the blow dryer is the size of a mountain range 500 miles long. 

Now imagine that the entire west coast of southern California is made of newspaper that has been sitting in the sun all summer long. ... and turn that hot blow dryer on it for a week. Now imagine that sparks are being dropped on it everywhere. 

And now, you have the idea of what happens EVERY YEAR in southern California. 

how you can spot the thinkers in the truck stop... they are maxing out their down time

Somebody may have actually made one instead of photoshopped it!

when you are really a Swift driver at heart, but not in the rig at the moment

Don Dufner's 830 Special

Coffee and donuts videos for your day: UPS drivers make friends on their routes, and some inspire kids to want to be drivers too. Oh, yes... have kleenex on hand.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

keep the dream alive, if any kid tells some other kid what they "can't do" point out how almost nothing can't be done, especially in the Western hemisphere, that's why we're North AmeriCANs and South AmeriCANs

A 10-year-old girl got to fly a plane for the first time last week, thanks to UPS’s Wishes Delivered campaign,

Taylor is going to be a UPS pilot: She knows this, and you should, too.

“When she was about 5, we took her to the Mall of America, and she got to fly in a plane, and she just knew that’s what she wanted to do with her life,” her mem said. “She was just amazed by it.”

She had taken Taylor to a Girls in Aviation day at Bowman Field, and the UPS Wishes Delivered crew was there, filming and scouting for a candidate, and they chose Taylor.

Wishes Delivered fulfills the dreams of children in various ways. In the past, a young boy who had a special relationship with a driver, was given a custom-made UPS package truck to drive around his neighborhood. The team once delivered snow to children in Texas who had never experienced snow before.

 This year, the company decided to inspire young girls in aviation, said Gloria Hatcher, a UPS pilot.

Capt Dave Smith is a flight trainer with UPS's other hub in Anchorage Alaska, he made a special trip to the Louisville UPS hub, called Worldport, to be a part of this event.

“Taylor is a wonderful pilot,” he said. “It’s a wonderful day to go flying, very smooth, very nice. … Great visibility. We flew toward Cincinnati, she flew over the new bridge, saw some marinas, just navigated herself right along the Indiana and Kentucky border.”

(Taylor's mom says that UPS donates a dollar every time the video gets shared on facebook, to Wishes Delivered, their charity.  Good, lets make them pay!)

“I’m going to be in the Navy, and once I get my license I am going to work for UPS as a pilot,” she said. “They made my dad’s dreams come true. They paid for his college, and without them, we would be in debt right now, and thanks to him, I’m here right now.”

Taylor said the fact that there are so few women pilots doesn’t discourage her at all.

“No, I think it’s more important for the whole entire world so people can follow their dreams and be who they are,” she said. “It doesn’t matter that people say that you can’t do something — it just means that you can do it. You can be better than what they say.”

Smith presented Taylor with a certificate for her accomplishment and presented her with her first log book, with his signature on her first flight lesson. The log book is real, and the time she spent in the air counts toward her future flight instruction.

Smith discussed important moments for a pilot with Taylor.  “I want to tell you, there are three flights that are very special to a pilot,” he told Taylor. “Your first flight; the second one is your first solo; and the third one is your final flight when you retire. So, you’re 10, I’m 47. When I retire, you’ll be 28. So, your goal is to fly my last flight with me.”

3 cheers for UPS flight instructor Capt Dave Smith,   that's way fucking cool to make this kid a log book and fill out her first flight, and ask her to join you on your last. Coolest thing I've heard all year, I think.


If some kid says some ignorant stupid shithead thing to another, slap the negative kid upside the head. It's good for them, millions of kids have been slapped upside the head and turned into good people who stopped being assholes and went on to be good people.

This world doesn't need negative assholes talking shit, it needs more dreamers with ambitions, goals, and dreams. Things only get done when a dreamer with ambition keeps trying to make it happen.

The assholes who are negative, they become negative alcoholic assholes.

since this occured a couple months ago, Taylor gets invited to fly now and then, and one person that invites her is the family friend Howard, who is 94, and still flying

'70 Super Bee with buckets, console, A/C and gator grain top was just bought from the 73 yr old original owner, and it was still mighty original, with a few consumable items replaced over the years and only 64k miles on it

The Super Bee was ordered in TX9 Black with black interior, white C-stripes and a gator grain top. Under the hood, he opted for the 383 Magnum and 727 automatic transmission. For exterior options, he chose bumper guards, hood pins, fender mounted turn signals, passenger side mirror, power steering, power disc brakes, Hemi suspension, SureGrip rear with 3:23 gears and 15×7 Rallye wheels. On the inside, he checked the boxes for air conditioning (with tinted glass), AM/8-track, rear speaker, Tic-Toc-Tach, six-way manual adjustable seat, cruise control, bucket seats, center console, pedal dress up, rear defroster and even the rare headlight time delay!

Total price $6197

The original owner had the original Polyglas tires hanging on the wall beside the car, plus the build sheet in beautiful shape, original sales slip and all documentation from day one.

and fyi, googling to see more about this car, avoid using the words Boux Bee, as there is a lingerie company Boux Avenue with Bumble Bee underwear. Crazy similar key words in these two items, Super Bee bought by Boux, and Boux Bumble Bee... I laughed, and maybe you will too

earliest bugshield I've seen, 1958

Rolf his father Kitel Lange, toured America in 1955 with this Porsche and a camera

the fueling fleet for TWA at Midway Airport, Chicago, Illinois in February 1961.